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Since 2015, Kaleidocare has been providing comprehensive support and quality out-of-home experiences for individuals with disabilities in and around the Franklin Area.

Within our multi-purpose spaces, we encourage community connections while providing a safe and engaging environment for all.

We understand the challenges that individuals with disabilities face and the impact it can have on their families. ​Our services provide resources and support to families in addition to the individuals we care for.  Our programmes offer a range of services, including community outings, skill-building activities, and individualised care plans.   At Kaleidocare, we strive to empower individuals, promote their independence, and encourage meaningful choices that support their growth and enhance their quality of life.  We work tirelessly to build an environment where each person feels valued and supported.


At Kaleidocare, we are committed to providing quality care to individuals with disabilities. Our values of transparency, communication, belonging, integrity, responsibility, and respect are at the forefront of everything we do.  We believe that everyone deserves to feel like they belong, and we strive to create a family environment for all our clients.  We believe that inclusion is key, and work hard to establish an atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Our commitment sets us apart and ensures our clients receive the best possible care they deserve to live their best lives possible.



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