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Our Adventure Programme offers clients the opportunity to explore the community through much anticipated weekly trips centred around a specific topic. With the freedom to choose their daily activities, clients can fully immerse themselves in their chosen experiences.  Join us for an adventure like no other!

This is what some of our clients have to say about our programme.

I love the staff at Kaleidocare, it is a really cool place to be.  I enjoy going out and being able to spend my own money at the cafes - Mikayla

Kaleidocare makes me happy.  Dancing is my favourite and I like going out and buying my lunch - Chris

I like going out every day and doing cooking classes and buying my lunch on a Friday.  Hanging with my mates is the best! - Conor

I love going out on outings each day.  Body Blast is the best because I can work on my guns! I love coming to Kaleidocare - Dylan

Seeing all my friends and staff at Kaleidocare makes my day.  I enjoy Music and Gym - Matthew

Get in touch with us on funding options and to arrange a visit.

Check out our Adventure Timetable to see what we get up to during the day

Don't forget to check out our closed Facebook group if your child is in our programme. Click the icon below.



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