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Our After School Programme is for school aged children with disabilities and we are able to cater for high and complex needs.  

They arrive at our centre from 2.30pm by way of MOE taxis.  For those who are not eligible for this service, please speak with us and we may be able to collect your child from school. 

We pride ourselves on a homely atmosphere with comfortable premises and activities on offer for all interests - computers, music, building blocks, Lego, art and crafts, sensory, books and sport activities. 


Afternoon tea is provided.

This is a place to connect and build genuine friendships.

Give us a call to make a time to visit and discuss your after school requirements. 

Kaleidocare After School Programme is approved by Child Youth and Family which means parents that use our programmes can apply to Work & Income to receive the Oscar Childcare Subsidy, which helps paying your fees.

To see if you are eligible for a Work & Income Subsidy and to receive more information click HERE.


If you send in your application we will sign it and return to you promptly.




(09) - 239-3701



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